What To Do After A Motorcycle Accident Occurs Becuase Of Poor Road Conditions


According to Motorcycle Accident, anyone involved in a motorcycle accident has a 35% higher chance of getting killed than someone involved in an automobile accident. Taking the right precautions and safety measures is vital when riding a motorcycle, but there are times when accidents are out of a driver's control. If you recently had a motorcycle accident that occurred because of faulty road conditions, you may wonder if there is anything you can do about, and here is some information about this.

Types of Faulty Roads

Motorcycle accidents occur for a number of reasons, including when:

  • Other drivers do not see the motorcycle
  • Motorcycle drivers acting reckless
  • Bad weather conditions
  • Animals running onto roads
  • Faulty Roads

Faulty roads can include a lot of different things, and many of these issues can lead to accidents with cars and motorcycles. Here are some examples of how roads can be faulty:

  • Pot holes
  • Missing signs on roads
  • Debris on roads
  • Issues related to construction projects that are not complete

When people drive on roads, they expect the roads to be safe to use. Roads should always be smooth and free of debris, and there should always be road signs posted to alert drivers of sharp turns and other issues they should know about.

What Happens After Accidents

When an accident occurs between a motorcycle and a vehicle of some kind, the accident is settled by determining who is at fault. The insurance companies may negotiate to settle the claim, and the claim may also end up in a courtroom if the parties cannot come to an agreement.

This type of claim is normal and routine, but what happens when a motorcycle accident occurs because of faulty roads? Who is to blame in a situation like this?

These types of accidents are slightly more difficult to settle for several reasons:

  1. It's hard to prove that poor road conditions caused the accident to happen.
  2. The city or county owns the roads and maintains them, but it is hard to sue a municipality.

If you hire a motorcycle accident lawyer, he or she will help you form a case, and there are several things you should expect from this.

What To Expect

The first thing to expect is that you will have to have evidence that proves the municipality failed to provide safe roads, and that the road issue was what caused you to have an accident. You may be able to prove this by taking pictures of the roads, but you will also need to get a copy of the police report, which may also prove your case.

The second thing to expect is for the defendant to argue your case. The common argument used for cases like this is that the driver could have avoided the accident. The defendant will most likely have documentation and expert witnesses there to prove this, and this will be a huge factor in the outcome of the case.

If you win, you can expect to receive compensation for:

  • The damages to your motorcycle
  • Your medical bills incurred from the injuries you sustained
  • Loss of work or enjoyment in life
  • Emotional effects caused by the accident

A motorcycle accident lawyer is a personal injury lawyer, so you can expect the lawyer to receive a portion of the settlement money. Most personal injury lawyers do not charge up front for services, but they will charge you a certain percentage of your winnings. The average percentage charged is 33% to 40%, but you can negotiate this before hiring the lawyer.

If you would like to sue for an accident you had because of poor road conditions, talk to a motorcycle accident lawyer about your case, and you can click here for more information.


22 December 2014

Noni and the Accident

My name is Noni. When I was in college, I was hit by a car while crossing the street. My life was never in danger, but I did break a few bones and had a lot of huge medical bills. I was hoping I wouldn't have to get involved with an attorney, but unfortunately, it came down to that. I used a family friend who is an accident attorney to get some compensation. A few years later, I was hit while riding my bike and had to go through the same process. I suppose I'm lucky to be alive. And it's thanks to accident attorneys that I have been able to put my life back together. I started this blog as a way to let others know just how much lawyers can help you in certain situations.