4 Reasons You Could Lose Custody Of Your Children

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If you are going through the process of divorce, the most common issue to resolve is child custody. Since the best arrangement is typically 50/50 custody, you want to be sure that this is something you can achieve. You want to be sure that you avoid certain mistakes that could cause you to lose custody of your child. Here are four reasons this could happen:

  1. Child Abduction: This issue is not always clear because many parents don't see how taking their own child could be labeled as child abduction. However, it can be labeled as such if you are keeping your child from their other parent who legally still has rights over the child. You can easily lose custody if you choose to leave the state or country with the child without permission from the other parent and you continue to keep your child from them. 
  2. False Allegations: If it's found that you are making false allegations against the other parent, such as allegations of child abuse, you can lose custody of your child. This is because it shows that you are likely not stable enough to raise a child on your own since you are allowing emotions to cloud your judgement. In the eyes of a judge, a child should not be living with a parent who is not able to maintain a mature relationship with the other parent. 
  3. ​Domestic Violence: If you were violent towards the other parent, it's sure to come out in the divorce process, which means you are probably going to lose custody of your children. This is because it shows that there is a possible chance that you could also abuse the children. In the eyes of the judge in this situation, it's better to keep the children with the non-abusive parent. 
  4. Going Against Child Custody Rules: Depending on how serious you have broken the custody arrangement, you could lose custody over the children. For example, if you do not drop the children off until days after you were supposed to, this could lead to losing custody. You can also lose custody if you do not meet the arrangements of the custody oder, such as picking up the children from school when you were supposed to. 

When you know these four reasons for possible losing custody over your child, you can be sure that you take steps to avoid this. It's important to hire a divorce lawyer who can help you obtain a fair custody arrangement that you can live up to. 


10 April 2017

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