Seven Ideas On Things You Can Use As Collateral To Get A Bail Bond

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If you've been arrested and you can't get out of jail until you post bail, you need to manage to come to an agreement regarding a bail bond as soon as possible to get back to your everyday responsibilities.

Fortunately, there are many options out there for providing acceptable collateral to a bail bond agent so you can get out of jail immediately even if you can't post bail upfront. 

The following are seven ideas you can use to come up with acceptable collateral for your bail bond:

Your car or truck

If you own a vehicle, your vehicle could be a primary source of collateral for your bail bond. A vehicle is a possession that you are likely to have that has a high value.

By simply furnishing your vehicle title to your bail bond provider, you may be able to satisfy any collateral requirement and get out of jail right away.

Your savings account

If you have enough money for the bail amount in your savings account, you might be able to offer your savings account or any cash you have on hand as collateral. Some bail bondsmen may allow you to offer savings as collateral without insisting that you empty the account first and provide the actual cash. 

Valuable jewelry

Valuable jewelry pieces are not necessities and therefore can come in handy as collateral in an emergency. You can hand over jewelry temporarily and get it back after you've met your court obligations. 

A credit card

If you're worried about covering the necessary collateral amount for your bail bond, consider any credit cards you have. You may simply be able to offer a credit card to a bail bondsmen so that they will be able to use the available balance as collateral.

Stock ownership

Stock ownership has a clear value that you could potentially present as collateral. This is especially true if you own any guaranteed stocks. If guaranteed stocks you own cover the full bail amount, you shouldn't have any problems using them as collateral.

A real estate property

It's usually easy for those who own their own homes to cover collateral for a bail bond. Bail amounts are not usually higher than the value of a real estate property. Even if you only own equity in your home or property, you may be able to use that equity as collateral.

A promissory note from a client

This option might surprise you, but often a promissory note on a debt owed to you as a business owner or professional could be enough to serve as collateral. If you have a promissory note and it will almost certainly be paid off, you can present it as a collateral option to get your bail bond taken care of. 

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1 August 2017

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