3 Tips For Giving Your VA Benefits Claim The Best Possible Chance

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You've probably heard about the notoriously long waiting periods for VA benefits claims. If you want to give your claim the best possible chance, it's important you do everything you can to make sure there are no hiccups in your claim process. Here are a few tips to avoid having issues with your VA benefits claim.

1. Follow All Instructions for Filing a Claim to the Letter

The claim process can vary depending on the specific benefits you're applying for. The VA offers disability benefits, as well as several other benefits that veterans can claim. You may find you're eligible for quite a few things.

In all cases, you should read the information provided on VA.gov, and follow all directions for filing your claim. For example:

  • Don't skip steps or leave any information out
  • Complete only the forms or parts of forms required
  • Add explanations on separate pages if you need to
  • Take deadlines and filing time limits seriously

There's a lot of small mistakes you can make that will result in an automatic denial. If you're in doubt about anything, don't just skip that section of fill it with information you're not sure of.

2. Do Research, Seek and Accept Help

There's a ton of resources out there to help you figure out how to best go about filing your VA claim. There are websites, forums, and other online resources dedicated specifically to the process. There are organizations, veteran centers, and even veterans attorneys. They're all dedicated to giving you the best opportunity to receive the benefits you need. For example, you can get legal help from a law firm like The Law Office of Zachary J. Ellis.

There are also other veterans who went through the process. They dealt with many of the possible issues that can come with filing a claim successfully. Their stories are online and elsewhere as well. Take advantage of all the help you can. You're not alone, and you shouldn't attempt to go through the process on your own.

3. Stay Proactive About Your Claim

After you file your claim, you must stay on top of it. The VA is a large government organization. Different arms of the VA aren't necessarily in contact with the other when it comes to your claim.

If you receive correspondence from the VA asking for information you already sent, don't become frustrated. Always follow up, even if it's just to send in paperwork that you already sent before. Just make sure you mark everything with your benefits claim number and do it within the time frame allowed.

Proactivity also means keeping the VA informed. Always let them know if you change your address, phone number, or anything else relevant.

You should answer all calls, make it to all scheduled appointments, and respond to every piece of correspondence they send. Every time you miss a call, appointment, or deadline, you can set your claim back by months. At worst, you can have your claim rejected and have to start over.


13 September 2017

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