Simple, Effective Ways To Help Kids Through Split Holidays After A Divorce

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When you are facing your first holiday season during or after a divorce, many tears may inevitably be shed. Try not to show your kids how upset you are. On the other hand, don't hide the fact that you will miss them and want to be with them. Lavish them with love throughout the holiday season and help prepare them for celebrating some of the holiday season without you.  Try the following ways to help your little ones through their first split holiday season.

Indulge Your Kids with Something Spectacular

Divorce law can protect your rights in many ways, but it won't ensure that you have your kids every Christmas. So, plan to celebrate near the holiday even if you can't be together on Christmas Day. Choose something special for the time you get to spend with your kids. If you can afford it, you may want to go on a little road trip. You may talk to the teacher about planning a day to pick your kids up early from school and go see a special play. Simply getting to leave school early and go see a holiday movie can be amazing to little ones.

You don't have to spend a lot of money to help kids enjoy something spectacular this holiday season. It can make the time they do get to spend with you especially memorable, and it can protect them from the holiday blues that may inevitable creep up when they start to imagine how different this year is from last year.

Let Kids Know That It's Okay to Be Happy or Sad

In All I Want for Christmas, a 1990's Christmas movie about kids who are struggling to accept their parents' divorce, the little girl asks Santa to reunite her parents for the holidays. That desire isn't unusual during the season for wishing. Since the divorce is inevitably going to be on your kids' minds during the holidays, bring up the elephant in the room and encourage your kids to discuss it. You may need to ask open-ended questions to get young children to open up. 

You don't want to dwell on it throughout the season, but directly dealing with it allows your children to air their frustrations and concerns. They will likely feel less alone with their feelings if they know you can handle them and want to hear about them. Reassure your kids that it's okay to feel sad sometimes over the split. Also, tell them that it's okay to be happy even when you can't be with them.

Finally, talk to your children about why they will be splitting time between you and your ex this holiday season. Reiterate how it is really because you and your co-parent both love them so much, and talk about how you would be with them every day of the year if you could. Reassure them that you'll be okay when you're not with them. Also, it's okay to joke about the perks of getting to celebrate the holidays twice. 


7 December 2017

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