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Infidelity is a frequent cause of marital problems; problems that sometimes lead to divorce. If you think your spouse is cheating on you, it's wise to pay attention, because if they are not, then your suspicions could signal a need for counseling. If you are correct, then you may need to take more permanent action. A whole new way for spouses to get in trouble has emerged thanks to the internet, so read on for a few common red flags that you may be married to a cheating spouse.

1. While almost everyone uses the internet more than they used to, it is a sudden change that should put you on alert. If your spouse's browsing habits have increased noticeably in the last few weeks or so and there are no other possible explanations for the change, you may need to worry.

2. Having a secure presence online is vital and password protection is important. That being said, your spouse should not be hesitant to share passwords with their own spouse. There are a few exceptions, such as work-related sites, personal journals and more, but otherwise you should have access to nearly anything your spouse does.

3. Is your spouse keeping late hours hunched over the laptop? If surfing the web has replaced sleeping with you, it may be worth investigating. It could be just insomnia, or it could be that your spouse has found the perfect time to play online.

4. The way your spouse reacts when you enter a room or get too close while they are using the computer is another tell-tale sign of problems. For example, you might observe your spouse shutting the laptop quickly, closing the browser window suddenly or even getting up and distracting you away from the area.

5. Has your spouse taken a sudden interesting in rearranging the furniture? If you have found that you now cannot view the computer screen, it could signal the need to hide something from you.

6. You can usually take a look at the browsing history of most computers to see what sites were visited and when. If you are finding that the history has been cleared time and time again after your spouse last used the computer, they may be trying to hide evidence of an internet affair from you.

7. If you are able to access the computer your spouse uses, you should pay attention to any of the following:

  • A history of visiting chat rooms, dating sites and unfamiliar email and messaging programs.
  • Nude or partially nude photos of your spouse and of other people.
  • Emails that contain salacious content.

8. When you confront your spouse about any of the above, they react defensively or with anger.

Are the above warning signs definitive proof of an online affair? No, but any of them should send you a warning that things may not be what they seem. If you are certain that your spouse is carrying on an affair, internet or otherwise, and you are tired of having to deal with it, speak to a divorce attorney as soon as possible. 

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8 February 2018

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