Check Out Your Case: The Initial Consultation With A Car Accident Lawyer

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When you have suffered an injury after a car accident, you may wonder if you have a solid personal injury lawsuit that you can file. There are a number of reasons that you will have a good case, and a car accident lawyer will be able to assess your case carefully. If you were less than 50% at fault for your injuries, and you have verifiable losses because of the accident, you probably have a reasonable case. Car accident lawyers often offer potential clients an initial consultation to discuss the merits of the case and look over any of the evidence you may have. If you set up an initial consultation, good preparation helps the lawyer make a decision whether to take your case or not.

Fault Must be Established

If you are more than 50% at fault for causing your injuries, you don't have anyone you can sue because of your damages. On the other hand, you can be 49% at fault or less and file a personal injury lawsuit against the party at fault. This is why it is so important to establish fault in an accident. If you read an accident report that is wrong, make sure you get it corrected if possible to decrease the percentage of fault attributed to you.

Losses Have to Be Identified

When you get into an accident but you don't have any losses, there isn't a reason to file a personal injury lawsuit. If you damage your vehicle or you lose time from work, these are both considered financial losses that you can file a case for. Losses are both the things you can measure, and the things you can't such as pain and suffering. If you lose wages, or you are permanently disabled because of your injuries, this is taken into consideration when determining damages.

Bring All Records to Your Consultation

To be prepared for the consultation, bring any treatment records you have because of the accident. Also bring accident reports, witness statements, and bills that you have accrued because of the accident. The more information you can provide to your attorney, the easier it is going to be to make a determination on your case.

When you are in a car accident, it won't hurt to talk to a car accident lawyer about your options. Consultations are free, and an attorney will look over the specifics of your case carefully to let you know if you have a case that is viable in court.


17 February 2019

Noni and the Accident

My name is Noni. When I was in college, I was hit by a car while crossing the street. My life was never in danger, but I did break a few bones and had a lot of huge medical bills. I was hoping I wouldn't have to get involved with an attorney, but unfortunately, it came down to that. I used a family friend who is an accident attorney to get some compensation. A few years later, I was hit while riding my bike and had to go through the same process. I suppose I'm lucky to be alive. And it's thanks to accident attorneys that I have been able to put my life back together. I started this blog as a way to let others know just how much lawyers can help you in certain situations.