Can Over-The-Counter Drugs Cause A DUI Charge?

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When you hear about DUI arrests, you may think about someone driving while under the influence of illegal drugs. However, anyone is at risk of a DUI if they drive after taking certain medications, even those that are over-the-counter. Some of these medications can alter your ability to control your car, and you may even blow positive on a breathalyzer test. Here are some of the medications that can cause possible problems with a DUI:

Topical Medication for Toothaches

When you have a toothache, you may put some topical analgesic gel on the area to get some relief. However, the ingredients in the gel may cause problems for a breathalyzer test. The ingredients are often alcohol based, including benzocaine and phenol. Either one of these substances can cause a positive result on a breath test.

Cold and Flu Medication

Some cold and flu medications can also cause you to fail a breathalyzer test. Cough syrup is a major culprit, particularly those with sleep inducing narcotics. These medications have a high alcohol volume and can make you too tired to drive. If you take cold and flu medicine before you drive, especially one high in alcohol content, you can possibly fail a breathalyzer test.

Cough Drops

Believe it or not, some cough drops can also impact a breathalyzer test. Some types of cough drops have more alcohol than others. You should look at the list of ingredients before you have a cough drop. A cough drop can leave remains in your mouth or teeth once you finish, which can leave a trace of alcohol on your breath. If you are pulled over, you may have questionable results on a breathalyzer test. If you want to use cough drops and you need to drive, keep water nearby to flush your mouth afterward to get the rest of the cough drops out of your mouth.

Asthma Medication

If you use an inhaler for asthma, you may be mistakenly considered under the influence if you are pulled over by the police. An asthma inhaler includes alcohol-based methyl. If you have a breathalyzer test right after you use your inhaler, you might blow a positive result.

These medications are only a few examples that can cause you to get a DUI, and this list does not even include the use of prescription medications. If you are pulled over for a DUI, be sure to mention the medication you are on so everyone is aware. You should also contact a DUI attorney from a company like Kevin T Conway Esq Pc.


13 November 2019

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