Coping With Illnesses Caused By A Toxic Workplace

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When you are harmed by toxic substances at your workplace, you should know that you have rights. Those include the right to medical coverage, partial wages, and even a lump sum settlement if a suitable alternate job cannot be found for you. To find out more, read on and be paid for the ill effects of toxic substances.

What Is a Toxic Workplace?

Even if you are in the business of selling, storing, or dealing with toxic substances, you have a right to be protected from exposure. Toxic substances can be present, however, in the most innocuous of workplace circumstances. For example, certain cleaning products can create illnesses upon prolonged exposure. Beyond cleaning products, take a look at just a few common workplace toxic substances that could be present in your workplace:

  • Arsenic
  • Asbestos
  • Solvents
  • Smoke

These and other toxic substances can impact almost every system in your body but often target your lungs and your ability to breathe. You may also be afflicted with permanent lung damage due to toxins in the workplace.

Being Paid for Toxic Exposure Injuries

As a worker, you are covered and protected by workers' compensation coverage. This form of insurance is paid for by your employer and offers coverage for any number of occupational illnesses like toxic exposure. While workers' compensation is well-known for coverage work-related accidents, it is not as used as often to cover occupational illnesses and that may because workers don't realize they have the coverage. It can be more of a challenge to get your employer's workers' comp insurer to pay for an occupational illness like toxic exposure, so it's vital that you take the right, timely actions to ensure coverage.

How to File a Claim

  1. You must seek medical treatment right away. As soon as it becomes apparent that you are ill and you suspect toxic exposure, go to the emergency room or see your doctor. Be sure to explain to the doctor that you suspect toxic exposure in the workplace is responsible for your illness.
  2. Let your supervisor know about your medical condition right away. Either your employer or you will need to file a claim with the workers' compensation insurer.
  3. Ask your co-workers about any other incidences among other employees of an illness related to toxic exposure. More afflicted workers will strengthen your claim and bring about the benefits you need more rapidly.

Keep in mind that you are seeking compensation for a workplace illness that may still be affecting others. By filing a claim, you are also helping other employees as well as calling attention to the problem so that remedies can be put in place. Finally, talk to a workers' compensation lawyer about your claim. They can help you push your claim through and increase your chances of getting the lump-sum payment you are entitled to get.


26 April 2021

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