How To Use The Do Not Call Registry To Stop Telemarketer Abuse

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The Do Not Call Registry can be very effective at stopping some unwanted phone calls. However, it will not stop all phone calls since some are still allowed by the Federal Trade Commission. However, there are some phone calls you may receive that are entirely in violation of the Do Not Call Registry and you may be able to take legal action against them.

Types of Unsolicited Calls That Violate the Do Not Call Registry

Scammers are more than happy to call anyone and promote a scam. What they're doing isn't legal anyway. You may also receive unsolicited calls from outside the US where laws and regulations do not apply.

There are also some marketers who choose to violate the Do Not Call Registry. By being on the registry, you do not have to take any further action and it's the responsibility of a telemarketer to check the list prior to placing phone calls.

Technology Has Made Unsolicited Calls More Widespread

Robocalls are prevalent throughout the United States and scammers are able to use "neighborhood spoofing" to make a phone call appear as if it is coming from your local area code. Some unscrupulous individuals are willing to pay fines if they get caught in exchange for an opportunity to reach new customers and make sales.

Telemarketer Requirements

Telemarketers are restricted to calling during specific hours. They must have written policies that state that they will abide by the Do Not Call Registry and must provide their policies to anyone who requests it. They must offer employee training programs that teach them to follow these rules. 

How to Deter the Telemarketers

Many victims of telemarketer abuse fail to take legal action against the telemarketers or file complaints. This often leads to the telemarketers not being deterred by these behaviors. However, you have every right to fight back against telemarketer abuse with experienced legal counsel. You may even be compensated for doing so.

Each time a telemarketer violates the Do Not Call Registry, you will be entitled to $500 in compensation. By seeking compensation, you will also be able to make a strong statement that the phone calls are unwanted.

However, to protect your right to $500, you will need to log each of the phone calls, as well as a photograph of the caller ID, and you may even be able to record the phone call in some states. Then, you may use the evidence when filing a complaint.

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20 October 2021

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