How To Cope With Important Arrest-Related Decisions

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It's best to know what to expect after an arrest. The legal system works in a relatively predictable way and that can help those confused about the process. You can expect to make several decisions after an arrest so read on and find out more.

Your Plea – Soon after an arrest, defendants are brought before a judge and asked to enter a plea. Legal experts advise those facing that decision to plead not guilty at this early appearance. Later, that plea can be adjusted to guilty or no contest if needed. Don't allow your emotions to enter the decision – your initial plea is a routine legal action and nothing more.

Legal Representation – Everyone accused of a crime needs legal help. The decision you need to make is whether you will use a private attorney or a public defender. Only those in dire financial straits can qualify for free or reduced legal representation from a public defender. Private attorneys are a better choice for most defendants since they tend to carry lighter caseloads and can focus on your needs.

Bail or No Bail – Unfortunately, this might not be a choice if you are accused of committing certain felonies or have a previous record. However, even those denied bail should contact an attorney and have them convince the judge that you are not a flight risk.

Plea Deals – You may be offered a plea deal before your trial date happens. Many cases are decided when a defendant accepts an offer from the prosecution. It's vital not to accept a deal without a criminal defense lawyer's help. They can find out what the state has against you in evidence and advise you on the potential outcomes of either taking the deal or going to trial.

Taking the Stand – Those on trial are not required to take the stand in their own defense. It all depends on how you can perform on the stand and how the case is going. Your lawyer can help you understand the consequences of each choice. Many juries make improper decisions about verdicts based on whether the defendant takes the stand. You alone must make the decision, but you should discuss the matter with your lawyer extensively.

Your lawyer can be counted on to have your best interests in mind as they help you make the above decisions and more. Speak to a criminal defense lawyer to find out more.


10 January 2022

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