Reasons Why It's Important To Hire An Immigration Lawyer

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If you are planning on immigrating to the United States or want to become a US citizen, there are many reasons why you should hire an immigration lawyer instead of going through the process alone. It's a complicated application process and even one mistake could mean that you are denied citizenship.

An immigration lawyer can help you navigate through the process so you are more likely to be accepted. Here are some reasons why it's important to hire an immigration lawyer.

Filling Out The Paperwork

It's not easy to fill out the paperwork necessary to immigrate to the United States and become a citizen. Depending on your reasons for immigrating to the United States, there are different forms to fill out.

These forms can include marriage licenses or proof of marriage to an American citizen, proof of an existing job offer from an American company so you can get a visa to work in the country, and even the application to become a US citizen itself which can be a long process.

An immigration lawyer knows which paperwork needs to be filled out depending on your situation and has the knowledge and experience to ensure it's done correctly. They will work with you to get the necessary documentation you will need to support your application.

If you are newly arrived in the country, an immigration lawyer can help you get permanent residence status so you can stay in the county and work. They will explain how long you need to be in residence before you can apply for US citizenship as well.

Explaining The Laws

When you are applying for either a permanent residency or for citizenship, there are laws and regulations you must follow. If you don't understand them and therefore don't do as you are directed by law, it could mean you are deported or your application could face a setback.

An immigration lawyer can explain all the laws and regulations you must follow as a permanent resident or while you are applying for citizenship. They can also explain what your options are if you are facing deportation due to not understanding or following certain laws or regulations. They can act quickly to help you potentially fix the problem.

Helping With A Work Permit

In order to stay in the United States as a permanent resident who is working toward citizenship, you must have a visa or work permit. An immigration lawyer can help you get your visa and work permit so you can start looking for jobs when you arrive or soon after arrival.

Also, it can be difficult for a new arrival to the country to find a job. An immigration lawyer has connections and resources to help you find a job that will pay you a sustainable wage while you wait for your permanent resident or US citizenship application to be processed.


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