Why Moving Away Might Affect Your Child Custody Arrangement

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After a divorce, it's common for both partners to relocate since they will no longer be living in the same house together. However, if you have children with your spouse, relocating can be something that is very difficult to do because you must not interfere with the custody rights of your ex.

You Might Be Legally Restricted 

Many states have passed laws that restrict the ability of one parent to relocate and take their child with them. The goal of these laws is to prevent the disruption of visitation because it is considered beneficial for a child to have both parents in their lives. 

You Must Justify Your Move

To be able to relocate, you will need to prove that there is a good reason to relocate. For example, a common reason to relocate is to pursue a job opportunity. You will need to prove that the location you are moving to is reasonable given the purpose of the move. For example, if your workplace is already within reasonable driving distance, it might not be justifiable to drive far away from your ex. 

Family Law Services Can Help You Build Your Case

The best way to make sure that you remain in compliance with the law is to speak with family law services before you attempt to move. These services will allow you to find out what your legal options are and will help you avoid making mistakes that could lead to you potentially losing your custody rights.

Work Closely With the Other Parent

In some cases, a move might actually work depending on the arrangements that you make with the other parent. You will also want to make sure that there is enough communication between your child and the other parent. For example, you will need to use long-distance means of communication as frequently as possible when your child is not able to physically meet with their parent.

Present Your Case

Your family lawyer will help present a case to the court for how you are prioritizing the best interests of the child. In some cases, moving might improve the life of your child substantially by giving them access to better schools or by improving the economic situation of your child. This will increase the odds that the court will issue a ruling in your favor. The worst thing to do is to attempt to move without consulting with the court.

Contact local family law services to learn more. 


26 July 2022

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