Facing Foreclosure? 4 Tips To Avoid Foreclosure

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If you have noticed that the foreclosure process is coming for your home, you will want to hire a foreclosure defense attorney to protect your home. When it comes to facing a foreclosure notice and fighting against it, there are some things you can do alongside your attorney. #1: Get All Your Documents Together To fight against your foreclosure, you will need to get all your documents ready so that you can build your defense.

26 February 2021

Don't Let Social Media Impact Your Divorce

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Oftentimes, lawyers recommend that their divorcing clients avoid dating websites until their divorce is over. You will not want to introduce additional conflict into your life when tensions are already riding high. However, you may want to even avoid social media and other forms of online communication in general until your divorce is over. The Problem with Social Media An overwhelming majority of divorce cases involve posts made on social media.

26 January 2021