Understanding Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

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Nobody dreams about filing for bankruptcy, but for many people, it becomes of the best decisions available. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is one of the most popular options for individuals, but it still presents many questions for those filing for the first time. The answers to these questions help you make the best decision for your finances. Who Is Eligible to File Chapter 7? Unfortunately, many people will not qualify to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

30 November 2021

How To Use The Do Not Call Registry To Stop Telemarketer Abuse

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The Do Not Call Registry can be very effective at stopping some unwanted phone calls. However, it will not stop all phone calls since some are still allowed by the Federal Trade Commission. However, there are some phone calls you may receive that are entirely in violation of the Do Not Call Registry and you may be able to take legal action against them. Types of Unsolicited Calls That Violate the Do Not Call Registry

20 October 2021

3 Facts You Should Know About Pursuing Insurance Litigation

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Whether you were injured in a car accident, injured at work, or injured as the rest of a slip and fall, your claim will fall under the category of insurance litigation. This is because your case involves tort laws and the ability to receive compensation through an insurance company rather than seeking to collect directly from another individual or corporation. When pursuing this type of case, there are a few facts that you should be aware of.

14 September 2021

Tired Of Bill Collections? Try The Automatic Stay For Relief

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It's surprising how quickly things can go from bad to worse when it comes to money matters. At some point, you may be unable to go a single hour without phone calls, texts, and emails from the people you owe money to. That, along with other problems, is usually what pushes consumers into bankruptcy court. Once you file, an almost magical thing happens — and you don't have to wait for your bankruptcy case to be complete to experience it.

10 August 2021

What To Know If There Is A Small Claims Judgement Against You

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When a person or business feels that another person owes them money, they have the option to take them to small claims court to fight for a small claims judgement. If the court thinks that the accusing party is correct and that the defendant owes them money, they may enter a small claims judgement against the defendant. If this has happened to you, or if you think it might happen to you sometime soon, then you could be wondering what you should expect and what you should do next.

6 July 2021

Six Things You Need To Know About Working With A Personal Injury Lawyer

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If you've never hired a personal injury lawyer, there are a few basic things you need to know as the plaintiff in a personal injury case. The following are six things you need to know about working with a personal injury lawyer.  A personal injury lawyer is indispensable if you are filing a personal injury lawsuit One thing to know is the importance of hiring a lawyer with personal injury experience.

3 June 2021

Coping With Illnesses Caused By A Toxic Workplace

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When you are harmed by toxic substances at your workplace, you should know that you have rights. Those include the right to medical coverage, partial wages, and even a lump sum settlement if a suitable alternate job cannot be found for you. To find out more, read on and be paid for the ill effects of toxic substances. What Is a Toxic Workplace? Even if you are in the business of selling, storing, or dealing with toxic substances, you have a right to be protected from exposure.

26 April 2021

Just Doing Your Job: Accidents, Injuries, And Homemaking Duties

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When a careless driver leaves you hurt and unable to work, you may be eligible for several forms of damage related to a job. If your work consists of keeping house, cooking, caring for children, and more, you may be entitled to benefits. Read on and learn more about being compensated for your homemaking losses. A Loss of Services When one party in a relationship is the primary caregiver of minor-aged children, losing that service can create a chaotic situation.

28 March 2021

Facing Foreclosure? 4 Tips To Avoid Foreclosure

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If you have noticed that the foreclosure process is coming for your home, you will want to hire a foreclosure defense attorney to protect your home. When it comes to facing a foreclosure notice and fighting against it, there are some things you can do alongside your attorney. #1: Get All Your Documents Together To fight against your foreclosure, you will need to get all your documents ready so that you can build your defense.

26 February 2021

Don't Let Social Media Impact Your Divorce

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Oftentimes, lawyers recommend that their divorcing clients avoid dating websites until their divorce is over. You will not want to introduce additional conflict into your life when tensions are already riding high. However, you may want to even avoid social media and other forms of online communication in general until your divorce is over. The Problem with Social Media An overwhelming majority of divorce cases involve posts made on social media.

26 January 2021