Uncommon Workers' Comp Situations: Do You Have Coverage?

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You probably already know that your employer's workers' comp insurance provides you with a valuable benefit if you get hurt on the job, but you may not understand the full extent of that coverage. In general, you can look forward to having your medical bills paid while you stay at home and recuperate from your injuries, and at some point a return to work. An accident that happens while at work is not the only coverage you can expect, however, so read on to learn about coverage for some more uncommon work-related accident situations.

You can expect coverage:

  • If you are injured off of company property, as long as you were attending as a requirement or expectation of the job. Some examples of this include getting injured at the company picnic at the park, if work awards may be given out during this annual event, and personnel are expected to attend.
  • If you are on a business trip for your company and are injured, you are covered. This coverage includes every moment you are away from home for the trip, but excludes any vacation or personal time added on at the end of the trip.
  • If you must leave work to attend a training session or other event and are injured, you are covered. For example, if you are required to attend a meeting with clients at a downtown location and get hurt while there, your workers' comp will cover you. This includes your commute.
  • If you are suffering from a preexisting condition and it is made worse by your job, you are covered. For example, if you have had high blood pressure for several years, but end up having a stroke due to a high-stress job, you are covered.
  • If you violate company rules or polices and are hurt as a result, you are covered. This may seem surprising, but you can get workers' comp benefits. Whether or not you are disciplined or fired because of your disregard for company rules is another matter. And yes, you can still qualify for workers comp if you are fired or leave your job, as long as the accident or illness occurred while you were still employed.
  • If you are traveling in a company vehicle and get into a wreck, you are covered. You are even covered for your commute to and from work, as long as you are driving a company vehicle.
  • You are fetching lunch for your boss and get hurt, you are covered. The lunch-fetching must be part of your job, however, and not just an after-thought while you are also picking up your own lunch.

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8 March 2017

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