Four Reasons You Should Not File For Bankruptcy On Your Own

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There are people who claim that you can file for bankruptcy on your own; all you need are the proper legal forms. Although this is technically correct, there are many reasons you should avoid doing this. The following are only a few of the most important reasons to get help from a bankruptcy lawyer

Bankruptcy may not be your best option

You may be convinced that you need to file for bankruptcy, but after a consultation with an attorney, you may find out that in your current situation, you may not benefit from it. There are many reasons for this. One example is that you have a large amount of debt that does not qualify under a bankruptcy. If you file on your own, you may learn that you have wasted your effort because only a portion of your debt was discharged, and you still have a large amount left to pay off.

An attorney can help you decide on the right type of bankruptcy

There are two different types of bankruptcies available, and which one is best for you will depend on several factors. Chapter 13 is a reorganization of your debt and may be best. If your financial situation deteriorates, you still have the option of a Chapter 7 filing at a later date. This type of bankruptcy eliminates a large portion of your debt, but once you file for Chapter 7, you cannot file again for several years. It is important to understand if you are truly ready for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

An attorney will help you if your creditors challenge the bankruptcy

If you file on your own and one or more of your creditors challenge your bankruptcy, you will be at a disadvantage not knowing the laws. You may think that bankruptcies are seldom challenged, but some of this is due to having an attorney to represent you.

You don't have to speak to bill collectors

If you have creditors and bill collectors hounding you over your debts, having an attorney to refer them to will eliminate all of the calls. If you attempt to file for bankruptcy on your own, simply stating that you are filing for bankruptcy will not be sufficient. Bill collectors hear this frequently. In addition, it is possible for a creditor to sue you before you have filed. A bankruptcy lawyer works on your behalf and deals with collection agencies and other bill collectors routinely.

The benefits of having an attorney for a bankruptcy begin with your first consultation. And don't let the fact that you are in a dire financial condition prevent you from contacting a lawyer. Bankruptcy attorneys understand your debt problems and have payment plans that provide you with a way to use their services. Visit websites like to learn more.


28 March 2017

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