Can Community Service Help Your Criminal Defense Case?

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If you are currently facing criminal charges, you probably feel a bit uneasy, nervous, and overwhelmed, especially if you have never been in a situation like this before. To boost the likelihood of a favorable outcome for your criminal defense case, it is important to hire a criminal defense attorney with experience. He or she will be able to educate you on the potential outcomes, protect your overall interests, and look for things that can strengthen your overall case. One thing that may strengthen your criminal defense case is doing community service prior to your court date. Read on to learn more about this.

How Exactly Can Community Service Bolster A Criminal Defense Case?

It isn't uncommon to be ordered to do community service for so many hours as punishment for your crime. Because of this, you may feel that if you perform community service before you ever go to court you are admitting guilt. However, the goal of getting involved in community service ahead of time is to give a good impression to the court and show the court that you are serious about making amends for your prior actions.

How Can Community Service Be Included In Your Criminal Defense Case?

With a criminal defense attorney by your side, you can work together to determine the best way for community service hours to be incorporated into the court proceedings. It is important to understand that any hours that you put in for community service before your court date are highly unlikely to count toward any community service hours that are ordered by the court.

However, by showing that you have the initiative to take hold of yourself and your actions by partaking in community service on your own, it is possible that the court may consider reducing your penalty, especially if you are working with a reputable organization. Your defense lawyer will be able to help you find an organization that needs assistance that you can work with, submit proof of your hours worked, and even create a letter for the prosecutor and court that details the extent of your community service.

If you have recently been arrested, are facing criminal charges, and are interested in learning of the multitude of strategies that can be used to strengthen your criminal defense (including partaking in community service with a local organization), reach out to a law firm service in your area today.


25 March 2019

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