3 Times When You Might Need An Attorney As An Employer

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If you are an employer, there might be times when you will need to seek legal representation for matters that might be related to your employees. If you are in a situation like one of the ones listed below, then you should look for help from an employer lawyer as soon as possible. In fact, these are just some of the examples of times when you might need to work with one of these attorneys; if you are dealing with other employee-related matters, you may want to seek advice from an employer attorney, too.

1. You're Hiring New Employees

Right now, your business might be booming, and you could be thinking about hiring additional employees. If this is the case, then you should definitely think about consulting with an employer attorney. You might have questions about the laws that you are required to follow as an employer, and an attorney can help you ensure that you are properly informed. If you are going to be requiring your employees to sign contracts, your employer attorney can help you with writing up these contracts. In fact, your attorney can help you determine whether contracts are a good measure to take when bringing new people on to work for your business.

2. You're Firing Some of Your Employees

On the other hand, you might be planning on firing one or more employees for one reason or another. This might not be something that you're looking forward to, and you probably don't want to make any mistakes along the way. Depending on the state that you live in, you might only be able to fire employees due to certain circumstances. It is also important to make sure that you aren't breaking any discrimination laws when firing employees. In some cases, you may choose to offer a severance package, and you might need an attorney's help with drawing up the necessary contracts and providing an offer.

3. You're Facing a Lawsuit

Lastly, if you are facing some type of lawsuit, it is important for you to work with an employer attorney. For example, an employee might be suing you for things like discrimination or sexual harassment. As you probably already realize, these types of lawsuits can be devastating for your business. Therefore, if an employee has even threatened a lawsuit -- even if they have not taken action yet -- it is wise to think about consulting with an attorney.


17 March 2020

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