Fungal Meningitis Is A Personal Injury

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Fungal meningitis is a serious issue, and many people do not consider it to be a personal injury.

Fungal meningitis, a deadly disease, is linked to injections that contain fungus. In some locations, this condition has killed and injured people. If this is the case for you or somebody you love, it may be time to hire a personal injury attorney.

What Causes Fungal Meningitis?

Fungal meningitis has been linked to steroid injections in the past. These injections were largely given to help deal with issues like back pain. Unfortunately, some of the companies that issued the steroids have made mistakes. Product recalls help control these types of issues from harming patients, but it does not always adequately control the issue.

Many people do not realize that they have fungal meningitis for weeks. These symptoms often include pain, swelling, and fever. These symptoms can also lead to increased pain and weakness. You may no longer be able to work, and you could incur some serious medical bills during recovery.

Anybody who exhibits these symptoms should speak with a professional as quickly as possible to take note of symptoms and their potential cause. This will be important if you do decide to pursue a lawsuit.

Who Is Responsible For These Injuries?

If you contract fungal meningitis in a medical setting, it is not your fault. Another party's negligence or lack of action is likely the cause of your injuries, and you may be due financial recourse.

If you suffer injuries related to fungal meningitis, you may have a case against a medical professional, a clinic, a hospital, or the company that handled the steroids to begin with.

What Damages Can You Recover?

If you are able to prove your injuries, you may be able to cover damages linked to your medical bills. Your damages can cover the bills you are left with after treatment and potentially a stay in the hospital.

Other damages you can recover may include lost wages due to days, weeks, or months you are recovering. You may also receive disability costs if you are not able to return to work at all. If you have a loved one who passed away, you may also pursue a wrongful death case.

What Should You Do Next?

If you suspect that you or a loved one recovered fungal meningitis from a medical facility, you may have a case. Consult with a personal injury attorney today to learn more.


29 June 2020

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