Facing Foreclosure? 4 Tips To Avoid Foreclosure

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If you have noticed that the foreclosure process is coming for your home, you will want to hire a foreclosure defense attorney to protect your home. When it comes to facing a foreclosure notice and fighting against it, there are some things you can do alongside your attorney.

#1: Get All Your Documents Together

To fight against your foreclosure, you will need to get all your documents ready so that you can build your defense. You are going to need to gather all documents that are related to the ownership of your home, which includes documents such as mortgage paperwork, loan modification agreements, monthly billing statements, escrow statements, payment records, property insurance records, mortgage loan service correspondence, and the deed to your home.

Having every document related to your mortgage, property taxes, and property will help your attorney build up your defense.

#2: Review Your Mortgage & Promissory Notes

Second, you need to sit down with your mortgage and promissory notes and review these documents' details. Your attorney can help you review all these documents. Your mortgage and promissory notes are legal documents.

When reviewing these documents, you will figure out what type of late fee your lender can assess if you are late with a payment. You will learn what types of fees are outlined in your mortgage and promissory notes for late payments.

The documents will also outline all obligations the loan servicer has to meet before they can file for foreclosure. This is a really important part of the documents. If your lender didn't follow these obligations; your attorney can fight against them.

The documents will also explain if you can reinstate your loan by getting caught up with past-due payments. Reviewing these documents can help you build your defense.

#3: Look for Errors

Finally, you and your attorney will want to look for errors in your mortgage or the lender's actions. If there were any procedural errors or omissions by the creditor, that could give you grounds to fight the foreclosure. Your attorney will be good at finding these errors that could help you protect your home and presenting you with options to save your home.

If you are facing a foreclosure on your property, you will want to contact an attorney right away. Get all your documents related to your property together. Review your mortgage and promissory notes to be sure you understand all the legal requirements of these obligations. Have your attorney review all documents and correspondence to see if there are any errors you can use to fight the foreclosure process.


26 February 2021

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