Just Doing Your Job: Accidents, Injuries, And Homemaking Duties

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When a careless driver leaves you hurt and unable to work, you may be eligible for several forms of damage related to a job. If your work consists of keeping house, cooking, caring for children, and more, you may be entitled to benefits. Read on and learn more about being compensated for your homemaking losses.

A Loss of Services

When one party in a relationship is the primary caregiver of minor-aged children, losing that service can create a chaotic situation. Once a parent is injured and unable to care for young children, it can create a financial hardship on the family. In many cases, childcare is prohibitively expensive for a family and simply replacing an injured person with an alternate is not affordable. In addition, more and more people care for older or disabled adults in the home. Without that care, many would have to be cared for in an institutional setting like a nursing home or the like.

Lost Services

The services homemakers provide can be invaluable. When it comes to being paid for that form of loss, though, a value must be attributed. You might be shocked at how much it could take to replace the work an injured party does in the home. This type of work can include:

  • Shopping, preparation of meals, and cleaning up afterward.
  • Taking loved ones to the doctor, organizing, and giving medications.
  • Bathing and grooming duties.
  • Cleaning and yard work.
  • Providing transportation to and from places like school, medical appointments, etc.

Homemaker Replacement Damages

You won't be able to get the other driver's insurer to pay you for this type of loss without taking legal action. That means contacting a personal injury lawyer to negotiate an accident settlement for you that includes this form of damage and others. Your lawyer will work with you to come up with a sum of money that compensates you and your family for the loss of homemaking services. Follow these tips:

  1. List the services you can no longer provide for your family because of the accident.
  2. List why your injury impacts your ability to provide those services.
  3. Do some calling around to come up with some figures on the costs of maid service, babysitting, and more in your area.
  4. If you have already had to hire out some of the work you used to be doing around the house, keep receipts and give them to your lawyer.

Making the other driver and their insurer pay for your loss of homemaking duties may not be a common form of damage but it can be an important part of the settlement as a whole. Speak to a personal injury lawyer to find out more. 


28 March 2021

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