The Most Common Types Of Divorce Explained

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Are you planning to dissolve your marriage? If the answer is yes, then there are certain essential things you need to know before starting the process. First, you can give different justifications for ending your marriage, including abandonment, adultery, irreconcilable differences, and other reasons. It is also important to note that there are different types of divorce. Therefore, if you're planning to dissolve your marriage, seek legal advice to know the most suitable divorce type for your situation. A family attorney will take you through the following types of divorce and help you determine the most suitable one.

Contested Divorce

Many people make emotional decisions when discussing divorce issues. In the end, this causes arguments that make it challenging to agree on who will live with the kids after divorce. Some disagreeing couples also have differing views on sharing assets, the child's upbringing, and spousal payments the noncustodial parent should pay. Hence, marriage dissolution becomes contested if couples cannot agree on some divorce matters. Note that this forces them to file a court divorce case so the judge can give a ruling on the contentious issues. If this describes your current situation, hire a divorce lawyer to represent you in your case. They will get compelling evidence and witnesses to testify for you and convince the judge to rule in your favor.

Uncontested Divorce

In an uncontested divorce, couples decide to dissolve their marriage amicably. As a result, they agree on all divorce issues regarding children, assets, and finances. You should know that this is one of the most manageable types of divorce, and it usually takes less time and costs a smaller amount of money than litigation. However, this divorce type may also become contested if complex issues arise and lead to disagreements. In addition, legal problems may crop up after dissolving your marriage, which could lead to court battles between you and your partner. Given this, it is best to work with a lawyer when dissolving your marriage through an uncontested divorce. Ultimately, they will guide you when creating agreements to prevent issues that may cause disagreements in the future.

No-Fault Divorce

Most no-fault divorces also take a short time to settle because separating couples do not have to gather evidence to prove fault. Instead, they only need to prove that they have differences that they cannot resolve. Depending on your situation, your lawyer might want you to choose this type of divorce because you can complete the process faster and move on as soon as possible.

Your divorce attorney wants you to choose a divorce type that is less complex and costs the least amount possible. Therefore, they will explain the different types of divorce so that you can understand their pros and cons and settle on the most suitable one for your situation. For more information, contact a family attorney near you.


8 December 2022

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