Are Truck Drivers Always Responsible For Truck Turning Accidents?


Commercial trucks are large and unwieldy, making them difficult to control. This becomes patently evident whenever drivers have to turn these machines right or left, especially in tight spaces. It's commonly believed truck drivers are automatically liable for any accidents that occur when they're turning, but this isn't always true? Here are few things the court will look at when determining who to hold accountable. Were There Any Warning Signs?

10 October 2017

4 Important Actions To Take After A Car Accident


A car accident can be both a frightening and frustrating experience. In fact, these kinds of accidents cause more than 37,000 deaths per year in the United States. Because a car accident is so serious, it is important to know what you should do immediately after one happens to you. After the initial impact, you may have experienced a mixture of different emotions, including shock, panic, and worry. However, it is important to focus on staying calm and handling the situation in the best possible way.

14 February 2017

Self-Driving Trucks: Lifesaver Or Liability?


Self-driving cars are being considered the next big leap in transportation, with Apple and Google spearheading efforts to bring the technology onto the roads. The idea of the self-driving car also extends to tractor-trailers and other large trucks, with the idea being that self-driving trucks can not only cut down on labor, but on vehicular accidents, as well. The Idea Behind Self-Driving Trucks The basic idea of the self-driving vehicle is pretty simple -- it's a fully automated vehicle that's capable of taking people to their destination with little to no human input.

13 September 2016

Social Media And Personal Injury Claims: A Plaintiff's Guide For Responsible Use


If you are plaintiff seeking damages for a personal injury, you need to know how to best win your case. Usually, this mean compiling evidence that helps to support the fact that your injury has created expense and inconvenience. Your lawyer will compile medical records, evidence for loss of income, insurance information, and at-fault liability evidence. However, all this work could be for nothing if you aren't responsible when it comes to social media use.

12 September 2016

Will Marijuana Legalization Provide Post-Conviction Relief to Defendants?


About 23 states have enacted laws legalizing some form of marijuana use and/or possession. While this lets many people use the drug without fear of being arrested, those convicted of marijuana-related crimes may wonder if the change in the law means an early release from jail for them or at least an expungement of charges from their criminal records. Unfortunately, the laws in the United States may not permit this type of post-conviction relief.

8 February 2016

Can You Sue For A Slip And Fall Accident At A State Or National Park?


Regardless of where you live in the U.S., you're likely within easy driving distance of one of 59 national parks or more than 6,600 state parks. From the Grand Canyon to Niagara Falls, these parks provide great, protected views of nature's beauty. However, even with precautions and restricted areas, these parks can occasionally pose dangers to visitors -- and if you've been injured after a slip or fall at one of these parks, you may be wondering whether you have any recourse.

29 July 2015

Missing In Action: What Happens When A Defendant Fails To Show For Court


It may seem strange for a defendant in a civil case to not show up for court, but it's something that happens quite often and can leave you as the plaintiff wondering what happens next. The court case will typically proceed without the defendant. However, there may be consequences of this turn of events that you'll need to be prepared for. In-Court Proceedings When it becomes apparent the defendant is not going to show up for the court appointment, one of two things will happen.

8 May 2015

3 Tips For Having Your Criminal Record Cleared


A criminal conviction can haunt you for much longer than your actual sentence. Even if you only received probation and never spent a day in jail, a felony conviction can affect your ability to get a job or rent an apartment or a house. You'll find that even though you've served your time or completed your probation requirements, many people are unwilling to give second chances to a convicted felon. However, there is something that you can do to help yourself.

3 February 2015

Withstanding Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: Avoid Common Mistakes That Could Risk Your Property


Chapter 13 bankruptcy is an attractive option for businesses and individuals with assets they can't afford to lose. However, retaining standing under chapter 13 can be difficult. With enough mistakes, your case could be moved to chapter 7 status, meaning some of your assets would be up for seizure. If you want to keep your property protected during bankruptcy, it's important to avoid common mistakes when filing and paying back your debts.

26 January 2015

4 Bankruptcy Terms That You Should Be Familiar With


If you are exploring your options concerning bankruptcy, you should arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible in order to maximize your chances of a successful filing. Bankruptcy law is complex as well as variable. Not only do laws differ depending on what state you file in, new bankruptcy laws are enacted on a regular basis. Understanding some of the common terms used in bankruptcy filing procedures will help demystify the process for you and enable you to work more closely with a qualified attorney in order to pursue the best course of action.

26 December 2014