Can Over-The-Counter Drugs Cause A DUI Charge?

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When you hear about DUI arrests, you may think about someone driving while under the influence of illegal drugs. However, anyone is at risk of a DUI if they drive after taking certain medications, even those that are over-the-counter. Some of these medications can alter your ability to control your car, and you may even blow positive on a breathalyzer test. Here are some of the medications that can cause possible problems with a DUI:

13 November 2019

Is An At-Fault Divorce Worth The Effort?

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If there's one question that a divorce lawyer will quickly smack away in most cases, it's the question of whether a client should pursue an at-fault divorce. You may be wondering why this is, and it's worth looking at your situation through the eyes of a divorce attorney to understand why the no-fault route is so heavily preferred. Here's how to examine your circumstances to determine whether an at-fault divorce filing may — against all probabilities — be worth the effort.

15 October 2019

An Overview Of Accident Case Jurisdiction Issues

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Before you file a personal injury case, you should confirm that the court has the authority to handle your case. A court's authority handle a case is known as jurisdiction, and it is a two-part concept. There is personal jurisdiction and subject matter jurisdiction. Below is a brief overview of the two. Personal Jurisdiction Personal jurisdiction means that the court has power over the person you are suing. For example, if you are suing a mall owner after a slip and fall accident, the court must have the power of the mall owner.

10 September 2019

Why You Need A Lawyer For Your DUI Defense

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If you have found yourself charged with a DUI, you are going to need to go to court, and this is not something that you want to do on your own. Even though you do technically have the right to defend yourself in court, it is not usually something that people are advised to do. If you have never retained an attorney, or ever faced a DUI charge, you will want to continue reading.

7 August 2019

Why You Should Fight For The Workers Compensation You Deserve

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If you have recently found yourself injured from an accident that occurred at work, you will want to file for workers compensation. However, if your employer or their insurance company is trying to deny your claim, you will want to seek out the assistance of a skilled workers compensation defense lawyer. To help you understand why this is so important, instead of you giving up the fight, you will want to continue reading.

4 July 2019

Hurt At Work: Getting The Compensation You Deserve

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If you are injured while working, you have the right to receive workers' compensation benefits in order to keep you financially stable while you recover. Once you file a workers' compensation claim to get benefits, you start the process of holding your employer responsible for your injuries. If there is a third party involved, there could be an opportunity to file a personal injury claim against that third party. A personal injury attorney will be able to go through the specifics of your case and determine if you are entitled to workers' compensation.

3 June 2019

Tips For Appealing Your Denied Workman's Compensation Claim


If you are injured at work by no fault of your own, you want the workman's compensation benefits you are entitled to. Unfortunately, despite doing your best to prove your case, your compensation claim might be denied. If this occurs, appealing the decision is the best option to help you cover your medical bills and lost wages. Here are a few tips to help you file an appeal, if your workman's compensation claim is denied.

3 May 2019