Medical Marijuana And Workers Compensation May Not Mix

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If you have been injured on the job, it is not unusual to be sent for a drug screen following your injury. What is found during this drug screen can have a direct impact on whether or not your worker's compensation claim may be approved. But what happens when the drug in your system is marijuana that has been approved by your doctor for your use to address a medical condition that you have?

13 May 2016

Should You Consider A Lawsuit Loan?

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Between medical bills, car repairs, and lost wages, the aftermath of a car accident is an expensive time. Unfortunately, lawsuit settlements don't always come quickly. It can take months or sometimes even years to reach a settlement or receive a judgement in your favor, even if you have a good case and a great lawyer. But your bills don't stop piling up while you're waiting. To address this need, there are companies that make lawsuit loans to plaintiffs – money that you can use now that will be paid back upon receipt of your settlement.

8 April 2016

Sports Stadium Injuries: 5 Factors That May Impact Your Case

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Attending a sports game at a stadium is thrilling and exciting, but it also has dangers associated with it. Whether you're attending a baseball game, football game, or even a large pro-wrestling event, you should not be held responsible for injuries that occur to you while attending a stadium. If you have been injured at a stadium, it's a good idea to consult with a lawyer and determine your options for seeking a settlement.

14 March 2016

Will Marijuana Legalization Provide Post-Conviction Relief to Defendants?


About 23 states have enacted laws legalizing some form of marijuana use and/or possession. While this lets many people use the drug without fear of being arrested, those convicted of marijuana-related crimes may wonder if the change in the law means an early release from jail for them or at least an expungement of charges from their criminal records. Unfortunately, the laws in the United States may not permit this type of post-conviction relief.

8 February 2016

Shoplifting Crimes: 5 Ways Technology Can Impact Your Case

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Getting caught shoplifting can potentially lead to jail time. Every case is different, especially in the world of shoplifting. Different factors in a shoplifting case include the time you were caught, the value of the items, and any other past crimes that you are on your record. Along with these details in the case, technology could have a big impact. This is why consulting with and hiring a criminal law attorney is essential for breaking your case down and getting the best defense possible.

18 January 2016

4 Myths About Divorce Mediation

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One of the biggest problems that couples face when going through a divorce is the fact that they see it as a battle. This need not be the case, especially if you have children and simply want what is best for them. A divorce mediation is a process where an attempt is made to work out everything as amiably as possible. This means that both parties will attempt to work out what is in each other's best interest.

21 December 2015

As A Grandparent, Do You Know Your Visitation Rights?

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Many times when a marriage ends up in divorce court and there is a custody battle, the court is only able to see the husband and wife.  They are not able to see the extended family members, especially the grandparents, who will also be directly impacted by any orders handed down by the court. In certain divorce cases, when it comes to visitation, the grandparents may have a right to be seen.

8 December 2015