4 Reasons You Could Lose Custody Of Your Children

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If you are going through the process of divorce, the most common issue to resolve is child custody. Since the best arrangement is typically 50/50 custody, you want to be sure that this is something you can achieve. You want to be sure that you avoid certain mistakes that could cause you to lose custody of your child. Here are four reasons this could happen: Child Abduction: This issue is not always clear because many parents don't see how taking their own child could be labeled as child abduction.

10 April 2017

4 Tips For Protecting Your Children During A Divorce

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Getting a divorce is not easy for the spouses involved, but it can be really hard on children if both parents do not make an effort to make the transition as easy as possible. While you and your spouse may have made the decision to end your marriage, it is still very important to work together as much as possible to protect your children and minimize emotional and psychological side effects from the divorce.

4 April 2017

Four Reasons You Should Not File For Bankruptcy On Your Own

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There are people who claim that you can file for bankruptcy on your own; all you need are the proper legal forms. Although this is technically correct, there are many reasons you should avoid doing this. The following are only a few of the most important reasons to get help from a bankruptcy lawyer Bankruptcy may not be your best option You may be convinced that you need to file for bankruptcy, but after a consultation with an attorney, you may find out that in your current situation, you may not benefit from it.

28 March 2017

Getting Out Of Debt

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Falling into debt can cause your life to be miserable, as bill collectors constantly call and it is hard to save money. If you are tired of not seeing much of your paychecks due to the financial situation that you are in, it is time to do something to improve it. The method used to improve the situation should be based on the amount of debt that you are in. Sometimes making a few changes in regards to your spending habits is good enough to get your finances back on track.

16 March 2017

Uncommon Workers' Comp Situations: Do You Have Coverage?

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You probably already know that your employer's workers' comp insurance provides you with a valuable benefit if you get hurt on the job, but you may not understand the full extent of that coverage. In general, you can look forward to having your medical bills paid while you stay at home and recuperate from your injuries, and at some point a return to work. An accident that happens while at work is not the only coverage you can expect, however, so read on to learn about coverage for some more uncommon work-related accident situations.

8 March 2017

Workers Comp Basics: Record Keeping To Protect Yourself

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When you're injured on the job, you're pitted with a host of difficult dilemmas: medical bills, lost wages, longer term recovery, and potential emotional distress. Even if your employer stands by your side to ensure that you are taken care of, you still may not receive what you're legally entitled to. Here's a quick guide to help you make workers comp work for you: Keep Records Regardless of how helpful your employer might be, it's imperative to build a dossier of documents related to your case.

8 March 2017

3 Things To Consider When Choosing A Personal Injury Lawyer To Work With

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No matter the situation, if you've been injured due to the neglect of someone else, you may be entitled to receive compensation for your pain and suffering. Hiring a reliable personal injury attorney is the first thing you'll need to do before filing a personal injury case – here are a few things to consider when consulting with potential legal representatives: Area of Expertise One of the most important things to think about when consulting with prospective personal injury lawyers is their areas of expertise.

3 March 2017

What You Need To Know Before Holding A Wine Fundraiser

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If you're planning on holding a charity event and wish to serve or sell wine as part of the fundraiser, you'll need to get a special liquor license. There are currently several kinds available, and they come with special rules that need to be planned out months in advance. Here's what you should know, from what kind of license you need to where you're allowed to hold the event, so that your fundraiser is a success.

15 November 2016

Race Discrimination In Education: Tips For Teachers For Avoiding Prejudice

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One of the first anti-discrimination laws in the United States was the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Because any violation of this law can result in civil action against your school and district, it's important that, as a teacher, you leave any preconceived notions at the door of your classroom and treat all your students equally. While most modern teachers would never dream of considering themselves to harbor prejudices against racial minorities, racial trouble still exists.

9 August 2016

2 Ways Marijuana Use Can Result in Denial of Disability Benefits

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Although the tide has turned in favor of legalizing possession and use of marijuana (it is currently legal in 25 states and Washington D.C.) that does not mean people who smoke cannabis won't experience any consequences from consuming this drug. In fact, if you're seeking Social Security disability benefits, marijuana use can have a negative impact on your case. Here are two ways smoking cannabis can result in denial of benefits.

24 June 2016